Aliquis sale

How Aliquis is sold

We do not sell licenses to use Aliquis, rather we charge you as you use the software. This is achieved by selling "Energy units". These are consumed only when you solve your model. For a full description of this process refer to the software documentation.

When you download the software for the first time, you will receive 10 units of free energy to conduct a trial. These units will give you enough energy to complete the entire set of tutorials, solve all the examples and get started with your own work. After they have been consumed, you will be asked to buy more units from our shop.

The price per unit is heavily discounted as you purchase larger volumes. It is therefore worthwhile to decide carefully how many units you wish to buy. If you only want to use the software on an occasional basis we would recommend you buy 1 or 10 units of energy. If, on the other hand, you would like to use Aliquis more or less continuously for complicated models, it would be more appropriate to purchase bundles of 200 or 1000 energy units.

We recommend that you download the package with the 10 free units of energy before you buy anything. This will give you a clearer understanding of how much work you can do per unit.

Aliquis Prices


These are our UK list prices : If you wish to purchase the software in other currencies you can use standard credit card foreign exchange services.

Aliquis energy units cost:

  • 1 Unit £15.00 + 20%VAT
  • 10 Units £75.00 + 20%VAT
  • 100 Units £300.00 + 20%VAT
  • 1000 Units £1250.00 + 20%VAT

Official training courses from Intelli-Plan Software Ltd cost £200 per person per day.

Consulting services from Intelli-Plan Software Ltd cost £110 per hour.

Aliquis annual maintenance contracts: £300 for an installation of up to 10 users. If you have a larger installation, please contact us. Please note software updates are free in our pricing model.


If you are in the education sector or represent a recognised charitable organisation, please contact us to obtain an allocation of free energy.