Aliquis Consulting Services

The way that our consultancy is packaged would generally depend on your use of Aliquis.

  • If you simply want a first class modelling and reporting service then our consultants will spend time with you to understand the modelling problem, develop an Aliquis model, validate it and run it. We will then report the results in order to inform your business decisions.
  • If you intend to get going with Aliquis yourself we will concentrate more on your ability to use the software in your environment. This includes interfacing with other packages, advising on data collection methods, building bespoke libraries, providing initial models and training.

Either way our experts can help you get what you need whether you want to simulate projects, business processes, manufacturing processes, logisitics or reliability.

Aliquis Educational Services

When you download Aliquis and access the help files you will find a complete set of introductory tutorials which will take you through the main features of the software. In addition we have written up and made available a number of simple examples to outline the scope of the software. For most users, these will provide sufficient knowledge to get started with the software.

Alternatively you can gain a more in-depth understanding or accelerate your learning by attending formal Aliquis training with an instructor. The standard course is 1 day of training. This can take place on site or can be arranged offsite. Scheduled courses normally take place in Swansea, UK.

We also offer bespoke training services to companies which have a particular way of working with Aliquis. Our aim here would be to show participants how to use particular features or pre-developed models.

Informal training sessions can be arranged either via the web or face to face.

Aliquis Maintenance & technical support

Aliquis is continually updated. You can download the latest version for free at any time. If you wish to access our help desk services for technical support a maintenance contract is required.