Aliquis is designed to be multi-layered. You do not need to invest very much of your time to get started quickly with an intuitive way of modelling, solving and catching results.

The simplicity of the user interface allows you to get easily started with Aliquis using simple drag and drop actions. Moreover, specialist libraries and templates can be customised for your own business.

In this video you will find a simulation example of a very simple process which shows how easy is to use the software. Of course Aliquis is not just about making tea, it can be used to model any kind of process.

Why Start Simulating

Planning a better solution
If you simulate your processes or project in the planning phase, the mere act of creating a model will force you to think carefully about your plans - resulting in a better solution. You will also be able to communicate your plans more effectively to your colleagues and be able to demonstrate they are effective.

Consider uncertainty and risk
The modelling process will also encourage you to think carefully about uncertainty and risk. You will be able to clearly identify the really crucial unknowns and direct research accordingly. You will be forced to think about your success and failure criteria and get a good estimation of the probabilities of either. You can include control plans against all the major risk factors. Your plans will become more robust.

Evaluate different approaches
Simulation gives the ability to compare different approaches to controlling your business. With Aliquis you can model various decision criteria and identify optimum ways of working in advance.

Track changing conditions
Once the business, system or project is in operation you can still benefit from simulation of things like cost fluctuations, demand trends or conceivable failure events. This results in more future proof systems. Simulation will tell you whether the performance of your system is still within plan or if a deviation has occured - prompting timely research when your business conditions are changing.

A Tailored Package

A key part of Aliquis is that it can be tailored to model specific buiness activities. This next video shows how Aliquis can be set up to support quoting in a decorators business :

There are two options available to get Aliquis tailored to your needs :

1. Find an Aliquis consultant or approach Intelli-plan software ltd with your requirement. Pay the consultant to set up the system for you.

2. Invest your own time and have a go yourself!! If you take out a maintainance contract we will support you in this.