The Product

Do you want to make sense of uncertainty, avoid potential disasters, communicate plans and generally make good business decisions?

Aliquis is for you!

If you are reading this for the first time and have never simulated your business activities before, we would be 90% confident that you do not yet believe this statement! So we challenge you to download the product and have a time-unlimited trial using the tutorials which come free with the documentation. If you keep using the product, we will ask you for a contribution but only according to how much use you are getting out of it.

Aliquis Descrete Event Simulation

Aliquis is a suite of graphical blocks which allow you to predict and visualise the performance of anything which involves event and actions. This could be a project, business operation or manufacturing process. It features an easy to use drag and drop based interface to help you get started quickly.

In the real world, a machine can break down and need repair, a supplier can fail to deliver on time or a piece of work might have to be done again. Costs and job times are never fully known in advance. Aliquis allows you to manage risk, variation and uncertainty. You will be able to develop and test robust containment strategies. The software includes an easy to use suite of statistical functions and a framework that supports multiple solving (Monte Carlo simulations). It is also easy to set up controlled experiments using aliquis models and there are plenty of ways to visualise complex results

Aliquis save Time and Money
Aliquis multiple processes

Real world process performance is also affected by resource availability, works calendars and so on. Aliquis allows users to create multiple calendars for multiple processes. It also allows users to set up resources in pools. Resource prioritisation and the use of options is easily accomplished.

Aliquis allows you to model numerous aspects of business performance. You can model costs, time, emissions, resource and personnel requirements along with many other parameters. Aliquis fits into the family of software products known as DES (discrete event simulation).

Its particular strengths are:

The user interface. The software can be taken at multiple levels. Basic users can drag, drop, set and connect blocks from the library to rapidly produce a process performance simulation. Its all very intuitive

The ability for the user to make associated calculations - e.g. for cost, WIP, CO2 emisions etc. during the solve. This mathematical modelling is intrinsically linked to events in the model

Visual maths. Aliquis allows users to use symbols to show mathematical constructs. With this method of calculation you can immediately see how variables are computed

Aliquis is highly configurable Users can create their own blocks with bespoke function, graphics, routings, calendars etc. From there it is a simple matter to define bespoke libraries and templates.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an engineer Aliquis is for you!

Thanks to its graphical layout Aliquis is very easy to use for everybody. If you do not have a background in process simulation and would like to learn how Aliquis can help your business choose Simplicity. However, if you are already familiar with simulation and would like to see how Aliquis' simplicity can be harnessed to produce powerful simulations involving variation, uncertainty, risk, resources, and multi-layer solving, check out the Power section.

Aliquis Simplicity
Aliquis Power


- Case studies -

You will learn how Aliquis can be used in specific situations


Aliquis Wind Turbine Case Study
Aliquis Delivery Van Case Study


Do you have a case study for us? If you are involved in a project or business operation which you feel could be modelled in Aliquis and are prepared to explain the business to us, we will consider developing a case study for this site based on your application. The initial work and proof of concept will cost you nothing but your time. Please contact us if you are interested.